This February the Spanish brand Camper launches its new collection “ReCrafted” created from used shoes, returned and with defects and combined with other manufacturing leftovers. So, let’s have synergy between the concepts “recraft” and “upcycling”.

Los zapatos Recrafted de Camper SS21: Made To Walk Again

In this way, the firm intends to take a step further in its commitment to sustainability, as well as technology, quality and timeless design. This initiative takes shape in the brand’s workshop in Mallorca, where it has its headquarters and has been manufacturing footwear for more than four decades.

More and more brands are taking these kinds of initiatives that are more responsible with the environment and that promote a more circular business model that prevents shoes, clothes, or other items from ending up in the landfill and being given new uses. In the case of Camper, creating new designs from used shoes not only extends their life cycle, but also encourages a more responsible form of consumption in the customer.

Los zapatos Recrafted de Camper SS21: Made To Walk Again

We can buy any model of this new collection in the brand’s e-commerce, but also in person in a selection of stores.

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