At Inter Leather we are working on an innovation project to be able to offer our leathers in “renders” that allow you to graphically see in a way that is very close to reality how the selected leather would look in the final product.



We will present this project next January at the Open Challenge of Catalonia, an action generated by Acció of the Generalitat of Catalonia in which they want to promote actions between international and Catalan companies in the development of technological advances.

We believe that it is important to remain pioneers in the industry as we were at the beginning of the 2000s with the launch of our website. Now is the ideal time to innovate with leather features in new formats that allow you to choose even before physically developing anything.

However, we are aware that it is a great challenge whose objective is to propose an improvement in the development of new, much more sustainable projects, thus reducing the environmental impact.

Within the framework of the allocation of European funds, Next Generation EU, promotes aid for digital and ecological transformation, since after the economic difficulties generated by the pandemic it is necessary to make a change in mentality towards an industry that increasingly uses technology to facilitate decision making and educates on everything related to caring for the environment.

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