Sustainability is no longer a choice, it is the only way that all consumers and companies can coexist in a world with social and environmental responsibilities.

In the textile industry, many brands and designers are betting on sustainable production methods such as upcycling. This term refers to the reuse of products or waste which are transformed into objects of value using creativity. Reimagine the use of existing products and materials and turn them into something new.

Using this method we find the designer Anya Hindmarch, who upcycling through patchwork. Enhance the leather by reusing different cuts and designing all kinds of leather accessories (bags, purses, wallets, etc.). This product line is created in collaboration with an Italian company from Tuscany.

Reduce waste

“It is estimated that the fashion industry generates 92 million tons of textile waste each year. The problem of unsold stock and waste is enormous. In an attempt to reuse what we already have, we have created the collection with Patchwork ”- explains the brand during the presentation of the collection. Anya Hindmarch also explained that in 2017 the United Nations found that 800,000 tons of leather scraps are wasted every year.

Italian Leather 

Patchwork it is already a complex technique textile application, so, talking about pacyhwork and leather at the same time it is even more difficult. With this situation the designer decided to work with  one of the few suppliers in Italy (Tuscany) specialized in using this method to create luxury bags and other products.

“The collection fights against waste in the luxury sector and ensures that the highest proportion of leather scraps possible is used in itheir construction. Each piece of leather is shaved to match the others. Subsequently, the edges are cut with the laser and polished by hand. The different cutouts are finally placed on a panel and glued according to the proposed design ”- explains Anya Hindmarch.

It is one more commitment to the consumption and sale of sustainable fashion. From Inter Leather we invite you to read more about our values around sustainability at the following link:[:]

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