As far as sustainability is concerned, bellow, we are going to reveal all the details of the circular economy in relation to the world of leather and tanning:

Circular economy

– We recycle the by-product of the food industry.
– We measure the impact of our supply chain from livestock to the end of n/cycle.
– We recycle 90% of our waste.

Trace sourcing and suppliers

– Sourcing always starts from raw hides from audited, verified suppliers only.
– Full Cycle traceability from farming to finished leather for 100% of our suppliers.
– Over 95% of the raw hides we process are of European origin (the remaining part is from North America).

Use renewable energy

– 100% electrical energy comes from renewable sources.
– We are implementing a certified program to manage our energy consumption according to ISO Standard 50.001.

Invest in innovation and research

– We joined several European Commission projects and innovation projects in conjunction with Universities to develop new sustainable technologies for the tanning industry.
– 180.000 laboratory tests to guarantee our leather quality.
– We develop more than 300 new products and colors per year.
– We pioneered launched the Zero Impact platform.

Report honestly with transparency

– We publish a complete and detailed sustainability report and promote open and honest communication.
– We host events to share knowledge and experience inside our factories.
– We protect our client’s data through the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001).

Protect the planet

– We joined the Global Compact and the Clean Development Mechanism promoted by the UN for CO2 compensation.
– Our wastewater is treated by one of the most effective centralized purification plants in the world.
– Our Environmental Management System is certified in accordance to ISO 14.001.

Source: Dani Group – Sustainable Leather

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