This it is a great new for us, to have been selected by WGSN also for summer 2021. In their analysis of trends and leather finishes, it identifies transversal elements among which the influence of artisan techniques, paper-type finishings and, on the other hand, extreme softness stand out.  In parallel, the constant presentation of novelties in value is being neglected due to the commitment to sustainability and where the industry, processes, designers and retail companies will be able to contribute by transferring said information & products to consumers. Being sustainable is no longer a choice. It has nothing to do with a product or a price, but refers to a company’s vision of developing sustainable products by taking a step forward and leaving behind practices that are not part of their DNA. It is no longer a matter of communication or product it is about the company. Consumerism as we knew it takes another direction. The acquisition of higher quality, more durable and timeless garments prevails. So, we can see that we carry some of the trends from last season.

Top trends

Craftwork. It is the trend that allows you to live at a different speed and give respond to a much more curious consumer. Curiosity not only about the materials but also of the techniques. Recovering and recognizing the value of the techniques of yesteryear. Among the main keys we will find: neutral colors that remind us to nature (toasted colors, browns, etc.), leathers with structured techniques  such as engraving, carving and decorative stitching.

Microperforations. Recreate sports-type mesh, futuristic aesthetics. For summer it is aso a way to provide  breathability, to give to leather versatility for any season of the year.

Soft and pliable. As we saw the last season, the leather it is no longer use it only for oterwear. Increasingly, the use of this raw material is implemented in the elaboration of diferent kind of garments. We can find dresses, shirts, pants or others. At this way, the use of thin leather it is on trend. The importance of being more manageable at the time of production.

In Inter Leather we are still betting for the best quality of our mterials, for the innovation in the process and for the better life of the customers.A more responsible consume, more sustantaible where the respect for nature and the product has sense. If you want to know more about our diferent types of product, please, have a look in our catalog of leathers.

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