A new year begins and with it the energy and enthusiasm to continue fighting for goals and new purposes. One of the main issues that Inter Leather has been working on in recent years is sustainability and transparency, since one of the pillars and values ​​of the company is honesty and communication. We are not just another company, but apart from the passion for the product we are dedicated to, in this case leather, we want to fight for a common purpose, to do things better for a more prosperous environment for all.


That is why we are proud to talk about the joint work done with the Italian company Dani for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. At government levels there is a deadline proposed by the UN, in which the year 2030 is proposed as the year in which companies should be Carbon Neutral. This is how to achieve this objective, first a two-year investigation has had to be carried out to calculate all the CO2 emissions associated with the manufacture of the skin.

After an extensive work of gathering information and meticulous work, we can speak of cutting-edge in the secot, since we set ourselves the goal of being able to carry out said objective in the year 2025. But, how can we carry out such work? CO2 emissions can be reduced or neutralized. In the case of reduction, emissions can be reduced through investments in R+D, in processes (involving suppliers), in machinery, etc. On the other hand, the neutralization is done through compensation thanks to the CO2 credits that the industry offers and guarantees the process.

Another issue is the cost that these processes will have for the final sale. Through the studies carried out, it has been concluded that the economic impact will be approximately +1€/m2 in the price. A relief after speculation that the costs could be exorbitant.

From Inter Leather we encourage you to take a tour of the sustainability section on our website where you can see all the projects in which we believe and work.


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