Covid-19: Finished leather it is safe, here the reason

Leather disinfiction it is not necessary. This it is the most concise answer that should be offered to those who ask about it.

The reason for the safety of finished leather it is the confirmation that tanned and finished leather does not transmit the virus. Enviroment and Specifications Services from UNIC have deatailed all the reasonf that make leather safe

Finished leather are safe

« In addition to what is established for products in general the probability of transmission of the virus – according to the note published by UNIC – and, specifically, with Coronavirus for leather is very low ». First, because as indicated by « several Covid-19 reports recently issued by the ISS, » these viruses « are more susceptible to environmental factors (temperature, sunlight, pH, etc.), as well as physical factors ( degree of matrix dehydration) and biological (microbial antagonism) compared to other human pathogenic viruses. » But, specifically for leather, UNIC goes a step further, providing some clarification.

The 5 reasons

The are five main reasons about why finished leather it is safe, mentioned by UNIC:

1-  « The leather, from raw to finished, do not represent an adequate substrate for the multiplication of the virus » which « notoriously needs a vital host cell for its replication. »

2-  « The most part of wet and drying processes take place at temperatures above 55 ° C for a period of time sufficient to inactivate the virus and its infectious power. »

3- « Las condiciones de pH en las etapas preliminares del proceso de curtición (encalado, maceración) son incompatibles con el mantenimiento de la integridad estructural de Covid-19 ». En otras palabras: « comprometen su poder infeccioso ».

4- « The pH conditions in the preliminary stages of the tanning process (liming, maceration) are inconsistent with maintaining the structural integrity of Covid-19. » In other words: « they compromise their infectious power. »

5- « The leather are porous materials that, even if they come into contact with the virus, do not release it easily »

Aditional Safety

In summary, the certainty of non-transmissibility is very high. Additionally, « add additional measures taken in the workplace for the safety of workers taken from protocols against contagion. » So, UNIC concludes: “The risk of Covid-19 is generic, that is, it is present in any environment. And it is more contained in the tanning environment by virtue of the particular manufacturing process. « It follows that » the probability that the virus is present in the leather is very low, and yet, if it is present, the process will would neutralize. « Therefore, any washing and disinfecting treatment of the finished leather is considered useless as well as harmful. »

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