Our company is the result of three generations. Since 1940 providing quality leather with passion.

1940 – 1960: After innumerable historical difficulties and once the stability was restored, Mr. José Gallés Mumbrú, he took his old work of tanning skins in an almost artisanal way by using techniques of the time. The support of the family was a motivation in that difficult times.

1960 – 1973: They were years of big changes, economic growth and the incorporation of the second generation, Mr. Juan Gallés Villaescusa, our current President. The technique were improved, suppliers appeared with more and better technology, markets started to be open and we started importing raw materials, the beginning of our exports. We went to our first international fairs were we made contacts and new possibilities to our business.

1973 – 1990: Development of technological, human and management capabilities. Our country is actively incorporated into CEE. The Participation in international fairs forces us to improved. We develop departments within the company itself: Production, Commercial, Marketing and IT. The third generation is incorporated: José Gallés Fuster, current Commercial Director.

1990 – 2000: We live a period of intense activity. Two generations working together, combining experiences with the strength of new dreams and projects. We consolidated markets, quality controls, improvement systems and integrate our suppliers to work down to our philosophy. The process of globalization begins. We are going to a new world, full of challenges and possibilities. We are prepare to it.


2000 – 2010: Globalization become part of the essence of the company. They are, without a doubt, an opportunity to be part of new markets and to be able to align ourselves with customers and suppliers.

2010 – 2013: This will be a period of training and challenges. In the last few years, there have been circumstances in the world that will set the pace and before that, experience and knowledge will be a determining factor to take the Company forward. Emerging markets, respect for the environment and for society, the weight of raw materials, the situation of the first world and the incessant evolution of fashion, make the future a challenge in which we want to have your confidence and on the that give continuity to almost 60 years of history in the leather’s world.

2014: The leather start to be part of a generation of consumers who wants to enjoy the value that it brings to their accessories, clothing, footwear, deco and others. It is time to open the doors wide open, work with visibility both at the level of productions and product image. A product that fit in with designers, producers, new entrepreneurs and for last, consumers, increasingly demanding, both locally and globally. We become part of CIAC, the Automotive Cluster as well as our collaboration with Elisava, University School in Design and Engineering, which has allowed us to share and learn about the experiences of users.

2018… We want to consolidated our presence in international fairs, communicate through the networks created for it and improve the training of our teams both by the experience of their own work and by the desire for continuous improvement and thinking that the best is yet to come.

Our most important responsibility is taking care of every customer’s needs.

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